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Spring Mountain Challenge results can be found on the database attached to the Qld Endurance Riders Association website.

Big Country Endurance Riders Inc. is a locally based endurance riding club with dedicated endurance riders as the base of the membership - however our membership is not limited to endurance riders, we welcome anyone interested in the sport who would like to become involved in assisting in the management of the Spring Mountain Challenge ride.  The club meet regularly and start organising this event approx. 4 months prior to the event itself. 

Big Country Endurance Riders Inc. welcome any business that would like to become a sponsor of the event! 

There are many prizes and awards for riders. Every successful rider receives the same completion price for that particular ride,  the first 3 horses in each of the four divisions of the 80k event compete for the "Best Conditioned" award, which takes in results from their ride veterinary examination i.e. heart rate, ride time, weight carried etc.  These 3 horses then do a workout for the Head Veterinarian and the "Best Conditioned" award is presented to the horse that scores best in the calculation requirements.

If you would like to become a sponsor of the Spring Mountain Challenge Endurance Ride - please email  - we would love to hear from you!


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