The Spring Mountain Challenge

“Spring Mountain Challenge with support from Peet Limited”


This years' Spring Mtn Challenge Endurance Ride is on the weekend of  18 & 19 May 2019 AND IS A "Hendra Vaccinated Only" Event.  Eligible Horses must be presented with a current Hendra Vaccination Certificate, and a completed and signed Horse Health Declaration Form.




Big Country Endurance Riders have hosted this event since 1995.  This is the 25th Spring Mt Challenge Endurance Ride and the 34th annual event for Big Country Endurance Riders! 


The Spring Mountain Challenge is now very well established as a "must do" ride.


The ride is particularly popular with riders who live in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.   The ride has often has international riders and buyers from the United Arab Emirates looking to purchase our wonderful Australian endurance horses.


The easily accessible location, fantastic views, challenging and varied terrain, and especially the friendly atmosphere, all combine to make this a great ride.


The local Spring Mt Estate is now very well established and many local residents set up tables and chairs to enjoy watching the riders pass by during the event.  The riders enjoy this local enthusiasm and the friendly waves exchanged.


We are now thrilled to have Peet Limited - Developers and Managers of the Spring Mountain Estate - on board sponsorsing the event.  They are extremely enthusiastic about the ride and we are hoping for a very long and mutually beneficial partnership.


We thank Peet very much for their support!



NOMINATION FORM - Download a nomination form from the Qera Website, complete and bring with you to the ride, this will save a lot of time at the nomination desk.

BIOSECURITY REQUIREMENTS -  Hendra Vaccinated Horse Only Event - DO NOT FORGET to do your Horse Biosecurity Form with temps from the Wednesday prior (16 May) and bring with you along with your Hendra Vaccinated Certificate -all forms will be collected and verification of horse identification done on arrival, if you dont have it you will not be permitted to unload your horse or enter the camping area! Thank you.


“Spring Mountain Challenge with support from Peet Limited”


Spring Mountain Challenge 2019   -   Ride Base will be open for competitors from 3pm - 7pm Friday 17th and from 7am Saturday 18th - YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ENTER RIDE BASE OUTSIDE THESE TIMES.


This year's Spring Mountain Challenge will be held on the weekend of 18/19 May - with the rides occuring on the Sunday morning (19 May).  

Three rides are held - a 20km introductory ride; a 40km training/intermediate ride and the 80km endurance ride.  The 80km endurance ride is in 3 legs of  2 x 30 km and 1 x 20 km and traverses tracks through the corridors of the Spring Mountain Estate into the Spring Mountain Park and beyond into Ipswich City Council. 

In 2015 Big Country Endurance Riders have been fortunate to succeed in a "Get in the Game" grant of $100,000 to construct new tracks and repair existing tracksin the Spring Mountain Park area.  The project is now complete and there are some fantastic new tracks which will be included in the ride this year - so it will be a completely new course.  We still have some tracks that can be stony in some areas, and have a couple of steep hills.  These tracks are throughout bushland and therefore need riders to be attentive.  There are native animals, rocks, logs, etc to negotiate. Big Country Endurance Riders have and continue to work hard to improve tracks but it is impossible to do every obstacle on course. Caution tape etc is used to warn riders of issues, but all riders will need to be cautious.  This is endurance riding!

All rides are subject to Qera/Aera/Big Country Endurance Riders Inc Rules & Regulations and Bio Security Regulations.

The course has checkpoints stationed at various stages around it with radio operators monitoring all competitors to ensure safety is paramount. 






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